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10 Fitness Fun Facts To Impress Your Relatives

Okay, let’s be honest—as much as you love your family, they aren’t always the easiest people to talk to. Gathering around for the holidays is always a good time, but stay at the table just a little too long and you’ll notice painful lulls in the conversation. Whether it’s a political disagreement, some passive-aggressive judgement, or questions you don’t want to answer, something awkward always seems to come up.

To help soothe your holiday woes, we’ve curated a list of ten fitness fun facts that you can use to show off at the dinner table. Whether you’re a fitness aficionado or a health novice, these little bits of information will make you sound like the smartest person at your family gatherings.

1. Your body has about 60,000 miles of blood vessels

Laid end to end, all of the active blood vessels in your body would go on for about 60,000 miles. The United States is about 2,800 miles end to end, meaning your blood vessels could cover it just under 22 times. As a bonus fun fact, these blood vessels pump blood to over 650 muscles in the average human body.
2. The largest muscles in your body are the gluteal muscles
Also known as your butt, your gluteus muscles are the largest muscles in your body. Comprised of the gluteus maximus and the gluteus minimus, the gluteal muscle group is only a little bit bigger than the second largest group, but they weigh much more. For those interested, the second biggest are the bilateral latissimus dorsi muscles, or lats.
3. Your tongue is not the strongest muscle in your body
While your gluteal muscles may be the biggest, they aren’t the strongest—and your tongue isn’t, either. While the tongue is very impressive because of its force and elasticity, your calves are actually the muscles that exert the most force. Meanwhile, the muscles in your jaw exert the most pressure.
4. Pumpkin spice didn’t contain pumpkin until 2015
Every family has the pumpkin spice lover, and it’s sure to come up in conversation. When it does, you can be well armed with this little bit of knowledge. Pumpkin spice may seem good for you, but only homemade recipes can really boast that. Starbucks didn’t even include real pumpkin in their pumpkin spice until they were caught up in some blog drama in 2015.
5. Exercise can help improve your brainpower
Your brain is a muscle. And while it isn’t the biggest or the strongest, it puts a lot of work in. You can exercise your brain through various means, but exercising the rest of your body may help more than you’d think. WebMD talked to trainer David Atkinson, who had this to say about the subject: “”Exercise increases energy levels and increases serotonin in the brain, which leads to improved mental clarity.”
6. There is a plant that can help relieve symptoms of stress
And, no, it doesn’t need to be legalized. Natural, plant-based supplement rhodiola rosea can help your body combat whatever stress response it’s feeling. Anxiety, fatigue, and high cholesterol are all combated by the plant. Rhodiola rosea can also help with diabetes, bladder cancer, and altitude sickness.
7. 69% of men believe that they are physically fit
When surveyed, 69% of men said that they were physically fit. When tested, only 13% actually were. If you’re counting, that means 56% of men falsely believe that they are fit. If you know someone who’s been putting off going to the gym, maybe this little fact will get them going again.
8. When a muscle is 3% dehydrated, it loses 10% of its strength
Proper hydration is absolutely necessary when working out. As this statistic shows, even a little bit of dehydration can seriously throw a wrench into your day at the gym.
9. The average person has walked 75,000 miles by the time they reach 50
Between walking around the house, up and downstairs, or all over town, the average person can log a lot of unknown mileage in their time. While some may think of this as free exercise, it can actually hinder your health, particularly in your feet and lower leg. The American Podiatric Medical Association reports on it here.
10. Your family is actually good for your health
It may not always seem like it, but friends and family are important for your health. A study performed by students at the University of North Carolina and Brigham Young University showed that long social ties can improve your length of life. The impact of strong social ties on a person’s life is almost the exact inverse of smoking. So, although they can be stressful, remember to appreciate your family this year. They may save your life.

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