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When To See a Doctor For Your Eye Problem

Our vision is an extremely special sense that provides a resource of unlimited importance while enhancing our lives to an immeasurable degree.

When our normal capacity to experience the wonders of good vision is interrupted for any reason, it can be impactful. Still, it is normal for many of us to experience some minor issues with our eyes such as strain from spending too many hours staring at electronic devices, reading, or driving.

There is a list of other common problems that people encounter with their eyes including spots, floaters, and twitching. But sometimes we might have obstacles that become more problematic than simple eye strain or floaters, as there are other eye issues that can involve pain, along with more complex symptoms due to injuries or disease.

Understanding the specific symptoms and causes for problems with your eye can help determine what you should do if they occur. This is particularly important in terms of knowing when it is critical to contact a doctor.

Common Problems

First, it will be beneficial to review the major components of your eye. Your cornea is the clear surface which is located in the front of your eye, while the white outer layer of your eye is the sclera. The colored part of your eye is the iris, and the pupil is the opening at the center of the iris. The retina is the layer that is located at the back of your eyeball, while your eye lens provides you with clear images of objects after refining the light rays that progress through it.

One of the common issues that can impact your eye is twitching, which can take place when you are unable to stop your eyelid from blinking. This is usually not serious and can take place due to caffeine, stress, and fatigue.

Floaters are small spots that move through your field of vision. But while they can be a nuisance when they first emerge they do not present any type of serious problem.

Sometimes a red spot might become present if one of the tiny blood vessels in your eye happens to break. These can occur due to infections, contact lenses, or from powerful sneezing, coughing, or vomiting. There are also multiple causes for dry eye, although it generally takes place due to decreased tear production.

Pink eye is among the common eye problems that were not mentioned previously, and it occurs when allergies or infection cause inflammation of the conjunctiva – which is the clear membrane that is located at the surface of your eye.

There are other issues of the eye that can force you to experience pain. Some of the causes of discomfort include allergies, cluster headaches, contact lens issues, having something foreign in your eye, or inflammations of the eyelid, cornea or the optic nerve. Sometimes eye pain can also result from styes, which are infections near your eyelid.

Other Conditions And Diseases

There are other conditions that can be more challenging than the more common issues that have been discussed.  Glaucoma actually refers to a group of conditions that can cause issues with your eye’s optic nerve and are more likely to take place as you age. While Glaucoma can cause vision loss and blindness, you can protect yourself from the more serious impact of this disease through early detection.

Cataracts are also more likely to occur with aging, and in some cases, your eyesight will not be impacted. However, they might cloud your lens, which creates blurred or color tinted vision. If this occurs the problem can be remedied through surgery.

Macular degeneration is yet another condition that affects us after we have progressed to age 60 or beyond. This involves a gradual decline in your vision within the central portion of your retina.

There is also a list of retinal disorders and corneal diseases that underscore the importance of having eye exams on a regular basis.

When To Visit A Doctor

If you have experienced an actual injury to your eye, then it is certainly important to contact a physician. While injuries can suddenly occur through involvement with playing sports or engaging in a recreational activity, they can also take place while you are working, or when you are in the comfort of your home.

The most common forms of eye injuries occur due to chemical burns, corneal abrasions (scratches), cuts on the eyelid, subconjunctival hemorrhage (bleeding in the white of your eye), traumatic iritis (inflammation of the iris) or from having particles in your eye.

You should also contact a doctor if you are dealing with any form of bleeding, sensitivity to light, and any change in your eye movement or the shape of your pupil. It is also essential to see a physician if you are dealing with blurred vision, double vision, and particularly if you have experienced the loss of your vision.

When you contact a physician to advise him or her of your situation, the degree of seriousness with your symptoms will determine whether it is recommended that you either schedule an appointment or seek immediate medical assistance.

If your eye issue involves chemicals, you should quickly flush them out with water. No other substance should be placed in your eye, and it is also important to avoid rubbing or touching the impacted eye. However, any immediate treatment that you undertake does not mean that you avoid contacting a physician in this scenario, and you should definitely consult a doctor if your symptoms have not improved within 24 hours. This is also true if you are experiencing swelling.

At Rapid Med, We Can Help

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