Back to School: Time to Book Your Child’s Physicals

It’s hard to believe the summer break for many area students is almost over.

Practices for many major sports begin in early August. Rehearsals for band, cheerleading and other extracurricular activities also resume in preparation for the 2017-2018 school year.

In North Texas, students will spend time outdoors at the height of the summer season with temperatures climbing into the high 90s or top 100 degrees.

Before the first practice ball is thrown across the football field or spiked over the volleyball net, students need to have their school physicals scheduled and completed.

At Rapid Med Urgent Care, back to school is a busy time as parents prepare for another full year by first making those medical appointments.

Sports physicals are important to ensure each student athlete is in good health. The physicals measure physical fitness, assess any existing or recent injuries and check for any existing or possible conditions that could make an athlete susceptible to injuries.

As part of the physical exam, students are measured for height and weight, blood pressure and pulse. Vision and hearing are tested, and heart, lungs, belly, ears, nose, throat, joints, strength, flexibility, posture and more are checked.

Medical history is another important part of the exam where everything from a family’s medical background (indicating any possible genetic medical susceptibilities) to any ailments a student has experienced such as allergies or asthma and other related information will be taken into consideration when assessing overall health.

The exam is important to make sure each student can endure the physical demands of extracurricular activities – whether it is marching in the band, cheering on the squad or playing sports. It is also required by most states prior to teens beginning a new sport or competitive season. Not to mention it is just a good idea to make sure your child is in the proper medical condition to participate in sports and other physical activities.

School districts prepare carefully to plan activities, breaks, etc. to ensure the safety of your child, especially during inclement weather such as hot summer days. With the medical assessment, you can bring any necessary information to school officials’ attention before any potential issues arise.

At Liberty Christian School in Argyle, the first day of football practice begins Aug. 1 with volleyball beginning on Aug. 4. At Argyle ISD, football camp for grades 1-6 begins July 24 with grades 7-9 beginning on July 31. Marching band rehearsals begin July 31.

In addition, the American Academy of Pediatrics provides immunization and physical exam recommendations for children and teens ages 18 and younger. For instance, children beginning school at age six need booster shots such as MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), polio and DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis).

A handy guide with age-specific questions that you can download and fill out prior to a doctor’s visit can help you prepare for a thorough check-up.

For example, this guide enables you to keep tabs on immunizations your child has received, helps you assess the physical and mental health of your child and identify any potential areas where assistance may be needed in development. The guide also asks questions that could enable you to seek additional guidance in everything from their exposure to areas or people with contagious illnesses to potential exposures to potential health hazards from harmful chemicals such as lead or asbestos.  Identifying food allergies is imperative to ensure school officials are aware of them.

The questionnaire enables you to review and document the type of health-related and age-appropriate information each child may need – from whether they are feeling anxious or sad to lessons they have received about street safety. The document serves as a one-stop place to collect all the information you need to ensure your child’s safety. It enables the physician to address any concerns or questions you may have regarding your child.

Starting school can be a busy time for parents and students – buying school clothes, school registration, signing up for new activities and more. It is important to make sure they are at the peak of health to be ready for a full schedule of learning and enjoying the school year.

This year, school is starting earlier at some districts. Denton ISD and Argyle ISD begin classes on Aug. 16. Liberty Christians first full day of school is Aug. 21 and Lewisville ISD classes come into full swing on Aug. 28.

Be sure to book an appointment now at Rapid Med to make sure your students get the required medical assessments and immunizations in time for the 2017-2018 school year.

We look forward to helping you and your child put the best foot forward for the new school year.

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