The Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments For Dehydration

May 20, 2019

You need water in order for your body to function properly because your daily intake of water is important for your organs, and your cells. Your body also regulates its temperature through the use of water, while this essential fluid also cushions and lubricates your joints. Water is also critical because it protects your spinal cord along with your various tissues. In addition to these other ...

Summer Urgent Care Issues

When Should Insect Bites Send You To The Doctor?

May 17, 2019

We are now progressing through the highly anticipated months of warm temperatures, inviting weather, and a variety of reasons to spend time outside. As a result, you might find yourself in a situation where you have an encounter with an insect. While that “meeting” might not initially seem important to you, it could cause the insect to instinctively defend itself. Unfortunately, this might ...

Traveling This Summer? What About Your Medications and Vaccines?

May 14, 2019

As the weeks continue to unfold, it is very likely that summertime activities have emerged for you and your family. But even as you enjoy your time in the enticing weather and all that it can encompass during this portion of the year, planning your summer vacations, or making your remaining preparations for an upcoming trip could also be part of your thought process as it relates to the enjoyment ...

child from having a concussion

Summertime Physical Activities For Children And Adolescents

May 2, 2019

As warmer temperatures continue to eliminate any remaining memories of the weather that we experienced earlier this year, rising temperatures usher in the opportunity for you and your family to embrace the many beautiful days that are at your disposal. This should increase the motivation for you and your family to head outdoors, which includes having your children and adolescents become ...

Sun Protection During Outdoor Activities

May 1, 2019

Would you prefer to walk outside into a beautiful sunny day or would you rather encounter a dreary, wet outdoor experience?  The chances are extremely high that you would embrace the sunny day without hesitation, and why not?     Being outside on a sunny day can quickly improve your mood. Not only can it be an extremely enjoyable experience to absorb the warmth of the sun, ...

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