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Deeper Look: Common College Illnesses & Health Concerns

September 30, 2017


For many people, the college years are a well fabled time. As we are released into the world, new found independence creates many tales. Reminiscing over these times is often done over a glass of wine, with luminescent smiles on all faces. We remember that one night that someone had a little too much to drink, the professor who plagued your weekends with homework, the professor who you would talk ...

Are You Sad or SAD? A Brief Look at a Hidden Mental Health Problem

September 30, 2017

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There’s a certain magic during the fall and winter months. Pumpkin spice and cinnamon fill the air, leaves begin to change, and the holidays grow ever closer. Unfortunately, the colder seasons also have their downsides. Even those of us who love sweater weather may suffer from “cabin fever,” and at the very least we’ve heard of it. Many shrug cabin fever off as something inevitable about ...

Dorm Room Doctors: Staying Healthy Away From Home

September 30, 2017

With the fall semester just under way, the changes in college life have yet to settle in for students and parents alike. The excitement and nervousness are tough to quell. While parents have to place more trust in their student than ever, an empty nest doesn’t mean you can’t help the baby birds fly. As times change, children grow and the world warps, problems old and new present ...

Urgent Care Arthritis

Here’s Why Your Arthritis is Flaring Up

September 17, 2017


It doesn’t always feel like this. Sometimes it’s a dull ache, other times a sharp pain, and occasionally it’s unnoticeable. Arthritis is a touchy condition, and it’s nearly impossible to pin down when it will flare up. However, many people will find themselves hurting a little more than normal as the weather begins to cool. Today, we’re going to discuss what it means for arthritis to be ...

Take Care of Your Young Athlete

With the school season now underway, many children and teens are participating in a wide variety of organized sports. However, with this participation comes the potential for injury. An estimated 30 million children and teens are involved in organized sports across the U.S. with an estimated 3.5 million sports-related injuries for children ages 14 and under occurring, according to statistics ...

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