Can You Go To Urgent Care for a UTI?

Can You Go to Urgent Care for a UTI?

“Can you go to urgent care for a UTI?” Of course, you can! You can go to urgent care for anything that your doctor could handle, UTIs included. Let’s delve deeper into the topic, though. Should you go to urgent care for a UTI? When? Why?

Can You Go to Urgent Care for a UTI?

Urgent care centers can treat anything that a primary care physician can treat. Whether it’s the common cold or a terrible case of the flu, we can handle it. This includes things like urinary tract infections, which are often a trickier situation. You can always go to urgent care for a UTI, and it’s always recommended. They’re very painful, and it’s best you deal with them as early as possible.

If you couldn’t go to urgent care for a UTI, what could you go for? UTIs are the textbook definition of what urgent care centers are for. Sure, you could wait for your primary physician. It’s not an emergency. You aren’t going to do. But you would much rather get treatment now, right? Of course! UTIs are painful and uncomfortable. Let’s examine the topic further, though. What is a UTI? Do you need urgent care for it? Can I Go To Urgent Care for a UTI?

What is a UTI?

A UTI, or urinary tract infection, is exactly what it sounds like. It occurs when bacteria enters the urinary tract, which then leads to infection. It is extremely common in women, who have a nearly 1 in 2 chance of having a UTI in their lifetime. Many who do have a UTI will not have just one, but instead several repeat cases.

UTIs are characterized by a burning during urination. For many experiencing a UTI for the first time, this can be mistaken for other, more grievous issues.  Unfortunately, UTIs can also lead to an increased frequency of feeling the need to urinate, but won’t lead to any more frequent urination. Often one of the worst symptoms of a UTI is the frustration that this can cause. UTs can also lead to back pain, bloody or otherwise strange urine, feelings of tiredness, and fevers.

UTIs are like the flu: you’re pretty much guaranteed to deal with one at some point, and it’s not going to be fun when you do.

What Causes a UTI?

There are many things that can cause a UTI, but they’re all the same at the basic level. UTIs are caused when bacteria that enters, and stays in, the vagina. This is why women are told to wipe from the front to the back. This prevents any bacteria from the anus from entering the vagina, which is one of the most common causes of UTI. Sex is similar. UTIs are often caused by bacteria and flora from the anus being unknowingly transferred to the vagina. For this reason, it is always recommended that a woman pee after sex.

Women are especially prone to UTIs because they have shorter urethras. This makes it easy for the bacteria to travel and causes more damage. A UTI that goes unchecked can see the bacteria travel up the urinary tract, and into the kidneys. In this way, UTIs can be the cause of something much worse.

Roughly 2 in every 10 women experience chronic UTIs. The reason isn’t quite clear and can vary from person to person. In some cases, it seems to be genetic. Some women are born predisposed to UTIs. In other cases, chronic UTIs can be a sign of abnormality in the urinary tract. Women with diabetes are also at an increased risk of chronic UTIs.

Can You Treat a UTI at Home?

Unfortunately, UTIs cannot be treated at home. However, you can work to prevent them at home. If you are worried about urinary tract infections, it’s important that you take good care of your vagina. Simply having good vaginal hygiene will go very far in keeping yourself free of UTIs. Make sure that you are wiping the correct way, and washing properly (the right way, at the right time).

If you suspect that you have a UTI, the best thing you can do at home is hydrate. This will help to entirely flush the bacteria from your system, but it is a good start. You might try drinking cranberry juice, but studies are inconclusive about whether this actually functions.

Can You Go to Urgent Care for a UTI?

Yes. The answer to “can you go to urgent care for a UTI” is 100% yes. UTIs are seen every day at urgent cares, and they’re easy to deal with once you’ve got here. They require an antibacterial treatment, and symptoms will be gone in just a few days. In fact, UTI treatment is so simple that you can do it via video call with our On Demand app. While they are difficult, UTIs are not impossible to handle.

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