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Urgent Care Spring Health Concerns

Spring Health Concerns, and What to Do About Them

April 2, 2018


There are many spring health concerns, though the season isn't quite as harsh as winter. There are lots of things in the air, with pollen and a desire to go outside being the most dominant. This leads to a lot of running, but very little breathing. Spring is the favorite time of year for many, but the weather is something to watch out for. Spring Health Concerns While very few Spring health ...

Urgent Care Sleep

Stay Sleeping: Why Keeping Your Sleep Schedule is Important Across Seasons

December 1, 2017


When winter comes, it can take its toll on us in many ways. Many people are quick to blame the snow and cold weather for their troubles. The winter air is bitter at best, and it’s reasonable to not want to go out. We can fight this easily, by occupying ourselves within our own home. However, winter can bring on a host of issues that are harder to diagnose. As the sun starts to go down ...

Neck Strength/Power in Concussion Prevention

In further articles coming shortly I will be discussing other potential concussion prevention techniques, some that we have discussed briefly on this blog before. Today I want to say a few words about neck strength, size and power and how it relates to the incidence of concussion. My opinions are just that, opinions, but they are based on personal observation(anecdotal admittedly) while treating ...

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