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National Handwashing Awareness Week

Personal hygiene and proper cleanliness are vital for anyone in order to maintain good health, and the process of washing your hands is an extremely critical function in this process. A simple group of steps involving water and soap can safeguard you from numerous illnesses, and also eliminate the possibility that you will transfer germs to others.

The importance of making sure that you wash your hands properly after coming into contact with various sources of bacteria provides the rationale for designating the first week of December as Handwashing Awareness Week (December 1 – December 7).

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Handwashing Awareness Week is designed to ensure that individuals in the U.S. understand the benefits of hand-washing. Particularly how effective this process can be in safeguarding you from illness

The Spread Of Germs

It may be easy to believe that the process of hand-washing is simple and that no additional tips concerning this topic should be necessary. However,  the fact remains that it can be beneficial to review the steps that are involved in correctly washing your hands in order to ensure that the process is thoroughly effective.

Maintaining clean hands is one of the most critical steps that we can take to protect ourselves from germs and illness. The CDC has also stated that germs are a normal part of our day-to-day existence, as they are located it in the air, in the ground, and on our bodies. We encounter infection if germs enter our body then increase to the point that our immune systems react to their presence.

There are a collection of conditions and diseases that are spread from these germs because our hands are not washed thoroughly with running water, and soap. The CDC has recommended a specific process in hand cleaning to maximize the chances that unwanted illness can be avoided, and the spread of germs can be drastically reduced or eliminated.

This process involves hand washing with soap and water rather than relying only on water only. When soap and water are both used, it is important to make sure that the areas surrounding your hands are also included in order to maximize the chances of eliminating germs. Otherwise, the germs would be spread anytime that you use your hands to touch any portion of your face such as your nose, mouth, and eyes. In many cases, these movements are made without being fully aware that you are doing it.

Germs are advanced if unwashed hands, or improperly washed hands touch food and drinks, well they are being prepared. However, the same principle applies for an enormous list of other items that might be touched by unwashed hands on the kitchen, bathroom, or any other area where you live, work, or find yourself as you progress through your days.

Keeping Your Hands Clean

The CDC has also stated that proper hand-washing reduces the number of people who are impacted by diarrhea. It also decreases the number of instances in which people experience weakened immune systems. This process also diminishes the chances of encountering colds and respiratory illnesses.

It is highly recommended that hands be washed before, during, and after any food is prepared. You should also wash your hands anytime that you are about to consume food. If you are caring for a friend or family member who is battling illness, it is vital that you wash your hands before and after you touch another individual.

Proper hand-washing is also critical both before and after you treat a cut or wound. This is also the case if you are coughing sneezing or blowing your nose. Other events in which washing your hands is extremely important include touching an animal, pet food, pet treats, or any form of garbage.

Handwashing For Children

These principles apply to everyone regardless of your age, which means that the benefits of clean hands are extremely important for children. If you are a parent, then it is also critical to make sure that your son or daughter understands the importance of washing his or her hands properly throughout each day. If they are taught the proper method for using soap and water, then it is an excellent resource toward avoiding germs and protecting them from becoming sick.

It will be beneficial to make sure your children understand that after they use water to initially what their hands, they also need to use enough soap to create a lather. It is recommended that is soapy lather be used for 20 seconds during a cleaning process that not only involves the hands, but the risk, the area between each finger, and also under each fingernail. Making sure that your son or daughter understands the importance of washing their hands properly and frequently is even more essential doing these winter months when flu remains in-season.

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If you have any questions or concerns about germs, illness or any other health topics, do not hesitate to contact us at Rapid Med Urgent Care Center. At Rapid Med, not only do we offer immediate medical attention for conditions that are not critical or life-threatening, but we also provide both primary and preventive care. This includes the preventative care that we provide through Type 2 diabetes screening.

Our Primary Care 

  • After Hours Care Available
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  • Blood Pressure Screening
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  • HIV-STD Screening
  • Immunizations
  • Obesity Screening & Counseling
  • Type 2 Diabetes Screening
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In addition to visiting our offices at either location, you can receive the same great care and consideration by using our On Demand service through your phone, tablet, or computer.

Regardless of how you contact us, we can also assist you, or answer any questions regarding any of these other medical problems.

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