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Understanding UTIs And Knowing When You Need Assistance

Urinary tract infections are a common condition that can also be referred to as UTIs. They occur due to bacteria that develops in any portion of your urinary system – which includes your bladder, urethra, ureters, and kidneys. The majority of UTIs take place in the lower urinary tract which is comprised of the bladder or the urethra, and the issue normally manifests itself as a bladder infection. This problem is also referred to as cystitis (SIS-TIE-TIS).

While the human body is equipped to combat this infection, UTIs create discomfort and can potentially spread to the kidneys. Even though kidney infections are not as frequent, they do present a more serious concern.

Factors That Increase The Risk Of A UTI

Both genders can experience urinary tract infections, although women and girls are particularly susceptible to this health issue. This is due to the fact that females have shorter urethras than males. This creates a shorter distance for bacteria to advance into the bladder.

In addition to this aspect of the female anatomy, the risk of being confronted by a UTI rises with an increase in sexual activity. The chances of experiencing an infection also escalate due to a reduction in estrogen that can occur after menopause.

Diabetes or additional diseases that negatively impact the immune system can leave individuals more vulnerable to UTIs, as can blockage of the urinary tract due to kidney stones or an enlarged prostate. Anyone who uses a catheter is also at an increased risk of developing an infection, as are those who have recently experienced a urinary surgery.

Symptoms Of A UTI

Among the symptoms that you might be dealing with when you are contending with a UTI include pain or pressure in your back or your lower abdomen, a burning feeling during urination, a repeated urge to urinate, cloudy, dark or peculiar smelling urine, chills, and fever. Women who are contending with a UTI might also deal with pain in the middle portion of the pelvis. Accidental bed wetting by younger children is also an indication that a urinary tract infection could be present.

If the urinary tract infection has evolved into a kidney infection, the situation becomes more significant. The symptoms that can be experienced as the result of a kidney infection include lower back pain, high fever (101+), vomiting, nausea, chills, bloody urine, and the consistent need to urinate.

Younger children might not be able to mention their symptoms, which makes it critical that parents remain aware of the indications that their son or daughter is dealing with a kidney infection. These include fever, vomiting, fussiness, change in appetite, and any change in color or smell of the urine.

Steps To Prevent UTIs

Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken which will reduce the possibility of having a urinary tract infection develop. The consumption of fluids is extremely beneficial, as that initiates the process of flushing any bacteria from the urinary tract before any infection can occur. Cranberry juice can be included in the fluids that you drink, although studies have been inconclusive regarding the degree to which this will prevent a UTI. 

Some feminine products can cause irritation in the urethra, which makes it wise to reconsider the usage of douches, deodorant sprays, and scented powders. Wiping from front to back will also diminish the chance of bacteria spreading from the anal region.

The same principle also applies to certain forms of birth control, as diaphragms, and spermicide-lubricated condoms can increase the possibility that bacteria will emerge. 

When To Seek Medical Attention

If you believe that you have encountered a urinary tract infection, you should visit a physician. He or she will request a urine sample, which will provide the final determination regarding whether or not you are dealing with this condition.

If the diagnosis eventually reveals that you are experiencing a UTI, then antibiotics will be prescribed by your doctor in order to eliminate the infection. The consumption of water will also assist in this process, and your physician might also recommend additional medication that will reduce the discomfort of this health issue.

Fortunately, even though some people are uncertain whether the symptoms and discomfort of a UTI can be relieved through visiting an urgent care facility, these infections are certainly among the many health issues that can be treated immediately by entrusting health professionals at urgent care centers such as Rapid Med.   

At Rapid Med Urgent Care Center We Can Help 

In addition to the primary care and preventive care that are available at Rapid Med Urgent Care Center, we also offer immediate medical attention for nearly all conditions, including infections of the urinary tract. Our knowledgeable professionals are available and dedicated to providing immediate assistance seven days a week, which includes attention to all walk-ins. Our board-certified physicians can deliver the same services that are supplied at the ER for a fraction of the cost.  

At Rapid Med Urgent Care Center, our goal is to provide our patients with excellent, timely and comprehensive medical care in a friendly family practice environment with convenient extended hours. 

Our experienced and knowledgeable team is available to treat you seven days a week, with walk-ins always welcome. Because we retain board certified doctors on staff, we offer many of the same services provided at the ER at a fraction of the cost.

No appointments are necessary and patients are encouraged to walk-in for medical care and treatment. The timely assistance that we provide for urgent conditions includes: 



In addition to visiting our offices at either location, you can receive the same great care and consideration by using our On Demand service through your phone, tablet, or computer.

Regardless of how you contact us, we can also assist you, or answer any questions regarding any of these other medical problems.

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