Healthy Bikini Body

How to Get a Healthy Bikini Body

Fad diets can make you lose weight, but they aren’t always healthy. If you’re looking to slim down for the summer, here are a few ways you can get a healthy bikini body. It might not be as fast as you’d like, but it also won’t have any negative effects on your body.

How to Get a Healthy Bikini Body

With summer just underway, almost everyone is going to be heading into the water. Whether it’s the pool in your backyard or a nearby body,  you’re likely to be putting on your swimsuit soon. Hopefully, you won’t run into any problems along the way. While it’s always possible that you’ll come down with a rash, or something even worse, things are much more likely to go off without a hitch.

However, there’s one problem that almost everyone has poolside: insecurity. Even people who put a lot of work into their bodies can be tasked with feelings that they are too fat, too skinny, not toned enough. Unfortunately, this leads a lot of people to make decisions that they’ll later regret. Some simply never confront the insecurity, and instead, find themselves feeling down during the happiest season. Others do work on their body but end up doing damage in the process. If you’re looking to shape up your bikini body, this is the healthy way to do it.

Nutrition Over Everything

Healthy Bikini BodyThe first thing that has to be addressed about most popular weight loss methods is this: it is never okay to cut out nutrition in favor of a lower calorie count.

The math on weight loss is simple. All you have to do is burn more calories than you take in. Many fad diets take this to the extreme, though. You shouldn’t be eating the bare minimum that you need to survive, you should be eating the minimum for your diet to remain healthy. The calories that you cut should be calories found in bread, not in chicken. Remember the food groups that you learned throughout school. Your body needs proteins, fats, veggies, fruits, dairy, and carbs.

This is the best way to guide your dietary choices. Juice cleanses can be great, but they can also neglect your body’s base needs. Instead of a radical diet change, you should start by cutting the parts of your diet with the least nutritional value. Cutting soda is so effective because of this: there simply isn’t anything in a can of Pepsi that your body actually needs. Instead, you can get sugar from healthier sources like apples.

What’s most surprising is that, if you do this, you’ll find you feel more full off of less food. Why? Because your body isn’t always yearning after calories. Often, it’s looking for the nutrients it needs. When you provide it with them, it’ll be satisfied for a much longer period of time. Healthy eating doesn’t mean going hungry, it means feeling full.

Know What’s Good For You

Another important part of healthy weight loss is knowing what is and isn’t good for you. For example, do you know how much weight you can safely lose in a week? The answer is 1 to 2 pounds. Anything that’s claiming it will help you lose 20 pounds in a month is probably very, very unhealthy.

Don’t be discouraged by this, though. It’s important to note that gradual weight loss like this is more likely to stick around. People who drop a lot of weight in a short period will quickly find themselves burnt out or famished, and drop their weight loss regimen as a result. After a few weeks, they’ll find themselves putting on pounds again.  However, people who lose weight gradually tend to remain dedicated. Looking to complete long-term goals is the way to go.

Similarly, you should know that exercise hits a point of diminishing returns. Too much exercise can actually have a negative effect on your health, and even increase your risk of heart disease. If you’re hitting the gym, don’t push too hard. The line between doing too much and not doing enough is thin but important to find.

All The Small Things You Can Do

In addition to all of this, there are many small things you can do that will help keep your body in shape. If you aren’t a morning person, you might want to push yourself to eat breakfast. A healthy breakfast can help get your metabolism going, and will make you naturally burn more calories throughout the day. You can also try eating off of smaller plates, which will keep your portion size down. Remember that there is no quick way to a bikini body, but the work for next year begins now.

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