New Backyard Activities To Try With Your Kids

You have continued to make modifications to every aspect of your lifestyle in order to safeguard yourself during the coronavirus pandemic – which is also referred to as COVID-19. This is particularly true if you are a parent, which presents you with the additional need for protecting the physical and mental health of your children.

Recent articles have provided you with recommendations on how to quarantine effectively, how to work from home with your kids, and how to create a process for eating fun healthy snacks.

The focus now shifts toward backyard activities that can be fun for your family while navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic. This can be extremely beneficial for both you and your children. Because thinking about the various aspects of the COVID-19 virus can be stressful – in addition to other enormous challenges that currently surround this illness.

The Importance Of Remaining Active And Safe

Backyard activities for your kids can reduce their anxiety level through exercise, while also providing the advantages of remaining physically active. That supplies your motivation for determining effective ways in which your children can engage in safe activities directly outside your home.

Some of the activities that children have enjoyed for generations can still be effective in today’s environment. However, there are also some innovative ideas that have emerged which will also deliver an opportunity for safe and endless fun.

It should be mentioned that The U.S. Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) has provided a reminder that placing restrictions on your children’s contact with others will reduce the spread of COVID-19.

This includes avoiding in-person play dates with children from other families inside your home and remaining at least 6 feet away from anyone who is not from your household while they are playing outside.

With these guidelines in mind, there are still a number of fun outdoor activities that your children can engage in that will boost their spirits, allow them to expend energy, and provide you with peace of mind that they are remaining safe.   

Safe Backyard Activities

Many parents who are adjusting to the evolving COVID-19 situation have invested in toys that can be used for outdoor activities. It has been reported that toy sales increased by 26% in late March, while more specific purchases of outdoor and sports toys rose by 20%.  

But this does not suggest that you must purchase toys in order for your kids to have fun in your backyard. There are many simple forms of outdoor activities that remain safe, providing that you place limitations on the number of children that will be involved.

Group sports activities such as basketball will be tempting, and would normally supply an excellent outlet for your kids. However, this is an example of contact that should be avoided until the situation surrounding COVID-19 has improved dramatically.

However, there is still a collection of unique ideas that can keep your children occupied right in your own backyard.

Dancing To Music – Dancing isn’t new, but you might not have spent time doing it together in your backyard. This allows your family to take your music outside, remain physically active, and decrease your stress

Exercising To Music – you can also combine the chance to bring music into the backyard with the opportunity for both you and members of your family to get your daily exercise. You can choose simple, fun activities like jumping jacks, push-ups, or jogging in place. You also have the option of setting up music and allowing your kids to release energy on their own

Creating An Obstacle Course – this is an opportunity for you and your family to use your imagination. Locate some items from inside your home, or from your garage, or simply grab items that are already in your backyard. Then use what you selected to build a fun but safe obstacle course

Building A Mini-Golf Course – you can have your children select various items from your kitchen, or get even more creative with what you might find throughout your home. The end result can be a challenging mini-golf course

Building A Tent – this can be accomplished by using a tent that your family already has, or by building it with different materials. Whether you use it overnight or just for a few hours of daytime fun is up to you

Making A Fort – using a similar concept to the creation of a tent, this can also apply to the construction of a fort. You can work together with your kids to find sheets or other materials that you prefer from inside the house

Building A Backyard Theatre – you can create a simple stage for your kids to perform with or by building a more elaborate stage with theatre curtains

Playing Lawn Games – there are a number of lawn games that you can create with your kids. One innovative idea involves getting some cardboard or cork tiles, then using markers or spray paint to make different symbols on each tile or piece of paper. You can challenge your memory by turning them over and attempting to remember where each symbol that you’ve drawn is located

Playing Balloon Volleyball – this is best for your older kids. But you can make sure that the games are friendly and safe. Plus, you have the choice of having your kids engage in this activity, or having all of you play together

They are also some familiar activities that you can also have the kids become involved with:

Jumping On A Trampoline – if you have a trampoline, there is no better time for your sons and daughters to use it. Bounce, jump and burn off excess energy

Playing Hopscotch – you just need a surface that will allow you to create the design for your hopscotch game. This is an effective activity regardless of whether you have just one child or several kids who are in need of exercise

Running In Water From A Sprinkler Or Hose – you can simply hook up a sprinkler or hose and then turn on the water. This can cool off your kids and let them embrace the enjoyment of running through the water

Riding Bikes In The Driveway – while activities should be done with protection as your top priority, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to recommend bike rides as an acceptable way for your kids to engage in outdoor activities. Restricting this to your driveway allows your children to ride their bikes while you retain the peace of mind of knowing that they are safe at home

Riding Scooters In The Driveway – scooters can accomplish the same goals as bicycling in your driveway. Both activities should be done with helmets, and your driveway should be flat to keep the shooter-ride safe

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