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Summertime Physical Activities For Children And Adolescents

As warmer temperatures continue to eliminate any remaining memories of the weather that we experienced earlier this year, rising temperatures usher in the opportunity for you and your family to embrace the many beautiful days that are at your disposal.

This should increase the motivation for you and your family to head outdoors, which includes having your children and adolescents become involved with various physical activities.  This can involve having your son or daughter join a team as part of an organized sports activity, or simply making sure that he or she remains active on a daily basis by participating in some form of activity outside.

Not only does this allow your kids to enjoy the favorable conditions that are often available outdoors, but it also will enable them to receive the numerous benefits of regular physical activity – while hopefully having a ton of fun in the process.

Benefits Of Outdoor Physical Activity

The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) has accumulated information that underscores the advantages of making sure your kids maintain healthy physical activities. This includes a recommendation from The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that anyone from the ages of 6-17 receive at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day.

The majority of this activity should be rigorous, which can also be referred to as aerobic. This aerobic activity should occur at least three days every week and it involves moving large muscles for a prolonged amount of time. Activities that accomplish this for younger kids include running, swimming, hopping, dancing, skipping, jumping rope, and bicycling. For adolescents, a brisk walk, cycling, hiking, swimming, kayaking, and even certain forms of yard work such as mowing, can be considered as aerobic activities that will enhance cardiorespiratory fitness.

Muscle-strengthening should also be included in the daily 60-minute regimen at least three days each week. Activities for children that achieve this include the use of playground equipment and tree-climbing. Tug-of-war and various forms of resistance exercises that a teenager might choose to perform outside will also apply.

Bone-strengthening activities are also recommended at least three days per week because they will stimulate the growth and potency of your child’s bones. Activities that accomplish this for children include running, jumping rope, and tennis, while any sports that entail a rapid change in direction or any form of jumping will qualify for adolescents.

In addition to being beneficial for the bones and muscles, these activities are also valuable for the heart and lungs. They also provide a resource for controlling the proper amount of physical activity and can also decrease the likelihood that your child will be confronted with depression or anxiety. All of which will improve their chances of experiencing a desirable level of health and happiness through their lives.

Regular activity can also reduce the possibilities of children and adolescents experiencing unwanted health issues when they become older. This includes cardiovascular problems such as heart disease, and high blood pressure, conditions that can result from weight gain due to of exercise including type 2 diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis, and other serious conditions including cancer.

Children and adolescents who are consistently involved in physical activity are also more likely to attend school with greater regularity, achieve better grades, and avoid behavioral issues.

Advantages Of Participation In Organized Sports

Having your son or daughter participate in team sports is an excellent way to accomplish the goals that were established by the US Department of Health and Human Services. This will also help them learn perseverance, and teamwork, develop friendships and also keep he or she both mentally and physically active.

You should make sure that your children are involved with others who are of similar age, size, and skill level, in order to maximize the degree of safety and fun that they experience with their activities.  

Along with the benefits that are presented to your children and adolescents from participation in various team sports such as baseball, softball, soccer, swimming, tennis, and volleyball, there are a number of other activities that the entire family can do together such as walking, hiking, and biking that will also prove to be beneficial.

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