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Urgent Care Bug Bites & Illnesses

Deeper Look: The Things That Bugs Can Do

June 22, 2018

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No one likes bugs — okay, some people like bugs, but they certainly aren't popular. And there are good reasons for that. The things that bugs can do to your health aren't quite proportionate with their size. Despite being so tiny, a bug bite can cause a slew of huge problems. With bugs now crawling everywhere, let's look at the things bugs can do to you. Deeper Look: The Things That Bugs Can ...

Summer Urgent Care Issues

Deeper Look: Summer Urgent Care Issues

June 8, 2018


For many people, summer is the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, it's not all sunshine and roses. Like every other season, there are a slate of summer urgent care issues that you have to watch out for.  If you're looking to make the most of your summer, here's what you should know. Deeper Look: Summer Urgent Care Issues When it comes time for summer, urgent care waiting rooms ...

On Demand Urgent Care

Deeper Look: How Can You Get Treatment with Rapid Med On Demand?

May 11, 2018


Rapid Med On Demand is our service that lets you get urgent care treatment from your phone. It makes the process more convenient and significantly reduces the time it takes to get treatment. However, you might wonder how it works? Here's the answer. How Can You Get Treatment with Rapid Med On Demand? At Rapid Med, we're devoted to providing the most convenient care possible. One of the best ...

Urgent Care Yeast Infection Visit

Deeper Look: Can You Go to Urgent Care for a Yeast Infection?

April 27, 2018


"Can you go to urgent care for a yeast infection?" you ask. Of course, you can! Yeast infections are common, and most urgent care centers are equipped to treat them. You don't always need to go to urgent care for a yeast infection, though. While it's always best to err on the side of caution with any medical problem, we should discuss what yeast infections are, and when they need medical ...

Hospital Anxiety

Deeper Look: Hospital Anxiety, and How to Handle It

April 13, 2018


Don't panic! Hospital anxiety is perfectly natural. Nearly everyone goes through it at some point, especially as a child. When it rises inside of you, it can seem impossible to deal with. When it rises in your children, it can seem even harder. Luckily, hospital anxiety can be easy to quell — even if it's only for enough time to get the medical attention that you need. Hospital ...

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