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Healthy Christmas Cookie

Health Conscious Christmas Cookie

December 23, 2017

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The holidays are a catalyst for a lot of weight gain. Previously, we’ve discussed how Halloween leads to the consumption of 3.4 pounds of candy, and how Thanksgiving dinner often rakes up over 3,500 calories. Unsurprisingly, Christmas isn’t much different. According to Real Simple, the average person gains 1.3 pounds between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Christmas cookies account for a ...

Healthy Foods For Fall

Healthy Fall Foods for Your Diet

November 21, 2017


Fall is a wonderful time for our taste buds. As the weather cools, we put the grills away and dust off the oven. Suddenly, baking becomes a way to keep the house warm, instead of driving everyone out of the kitchen. Thanksgiving is a landmark of autumn, and will evoke drool the second it comes up. Everyone is ready to eat. However, fall food isn’t great at being health-conscious. Turkey is ...

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