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Presidential Health Issues

Health in the White House: A Peek into Presidential Health Problems

February 19, 2018


Our president’s may seem infallible, but they are human just like us. In fact, all 45 of the president’s we’ve had have suffered from common health problems — and some have gone through more exotic ailments. If you look through the medical history of our presidents, you may find something you didn’t know. Did you know that William McKinley once came down with a rare form of influenza ...

Bones Fun Facts

A Few Fun Facts About Bones!

January 26, 2018


Did you know that only 10% of animals in the world are vertebrates? That means that only 10% of animals have a skeletal system, and humans are one of them! Bones are more interesting than they seem. Starting at the classroom skeleton during middle school probably didn’t excite you much, but some of these fun facts might. It’s not all fun, of course. Some of this information will help you to ...

Urgent Care Fun Facts

10 Fitness Fun Facts To Impress Your Relatives

December 11, 2017


Okay, let’s be honest—as much as you love your family, they aren’t always the easiest people to talk to. Gathering around for the holidays is always a good time, but stay at the table just a little too long and you’ll notice painful lulls in the conversation. Whether it’s a political disagreement, some passive-aggressive judgement, or questions you don’t want to answer, something ...

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