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Revolutionary War Illnesses

Revolutionary War Health: The Sickness That Almost Ended America

July 4, 2018


Looking back through the early days of America, there are plenty of places where things could have gone very wrong. But they didn't, and now we're here. The Revolutionary War was chock full of these moments. The Battle of Saratoga could have ended everything, for example. However, it was a battle with a sickness that came close to ending everything. Revolutionary War Health: The Sickness That ...

Easter Accidents

Easter Health: This Is What Easter Does to Your Body

March 31, 2018


When it comes time for Easter, health isn't always the first priority. Easter health is certainly a thing, though, and something you should be aware of. These are the things you need to know about the health of a typical Easter celebration. Easter Health: What to Watch Out For? Easter health concerns aren't as big as some other holidays, and they're rarely emergencies, but they do still exist. ...

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