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Urgent Care Home Improvement Injuries

Deeper Look: Home Improvement Injuries

July 13, 2018

With many summer projects just underway, home improvement injuries are sure to crop up. Today we'll take a look at some common ways people hurt themselves around the house, and how you can prevent meeting the same fate. It's easy to get hurt while working on home improvement projects, but it's also easy to stay safe. If you take just a moment to consider your safety, everything should work out ...

Urgent Care Lawn Mowing Injuries

When Mowing Goes Wrong

July 2, 2018

Lawn mowers are a magnet for accidents. When mowing goes wrong, bad things happen. While most things your lawn mower can do to your body will land you in an emergency room, there are a few urgent care problems that can arise, as well. This is what happens when mowing goes wrong. When Mowing Goes Wrong Almost every day someone's routine chores go horribly awry. Whether it's tripping over the cord ...

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