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School Sickness Urgent Care

Small Tips to Prevent School Sickess

October 9, 2017


Schools are like night clubs for germs. They are filled to the brim, and almost everything is covered in some sort of bacteria. This can make keeping your child healthy throughout the school year seemingly impossible. In fact, 22 million school days are lost in America each year due to colds and flus alone. While the occasional cold can’t be prevented with 100% efficiency, in this article we ...

PreSchool Urgent Care

Deeper Look: Common Preschool and Kindergarten Health Concerns

October 8, 2017

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For parents, the first day of school will often lead to one of two reactions: a sigh of relief, or a full-blown panic attack. There are a lot of nice things about it, of course. A child is a lot of work. Their high energy level can be difficult—and sometimes borderline impossible—to keep up with all day long. Having a break from that is nice… for a little while. But, when you break ...

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