Traveling abroad this summer? Let’s talk Travel Medicine

Whether you’re headed to the rainforest of Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica or Kruger National Park in South Africa, you don’t want to have your trip interrupted or ruined by a preventable illness. If upcoming travel plans take you abroad, make sure you and your family are prepared before you go.

See your healthcare provider four to six weeks before your trip to discuss your destination and recommended vaccinations and medications (in addition to any medications you’re already taking). For example, the CDC recommends most travelers get a typhoid vaccine before going to Bora-Bora as well as a polio booster for adults traveling to Madagascar. Many destinations may warrant being prepared with medicine to prevent diarrhea and/or malaria.

When reviewing your history of routine vaccinations, your healthcare provider may recommend a booster dose of one or more vaccines to ensure immunization protection while you’re away. The CDC has a helpful list of what are considered “routine vaccines” in the US. You can also search here for the CDC’s latest recommendations per your destination on vaccines, medications, and advice,  including the latest on the Zika virus.

Rapid Med Urgent Care offers travel medicine consultation and management in both our Double Oak and The Colony offices. Our healthcare professionals will review vaccine records, medications, and supplies for each member of the family, and provide necessary vaccines and boosters as needed. We take an individualized approach to ensure what may just be a nuisance illness stateside doesn’t become a travel nightmare by providing not only preventative medications but symptomatic remedies as well.

To ensure everyone is well-prepared on the healthcare front for an upcoming adventure abroad, please schedule an appointment with Rapid Med four to six weeks before your departure if convenient as there are greater choices in prophylactic Malaria medications the earlier they are started. And don’t forget to share your photos with us, too!

Dr. Gomez
Dr. John Gomez was born in Venezuela but spent most of his childhood in Texas, his father a Spaniard and mother American. After working a few years as a full time emergency physician in a few hospitals, Dr. Gomez noted and came to dislike the inefficiencies and near total lack of personalization required to practice the best medicine. He developed a perspective that medical care, even when an emergency, should be patient centered and streamlined and it was with this vision that he began Rapid-Med. Dr. Gomez maintains a special interest in ultrasound and sports medicine with emphasis on concussion management. He currently serves on the L.I.S.D. Concussion Oversight Team (COT) as physician advisor and enjoys his close relationship with the local athletic trainers and Flower Mound High School.
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