Urgent Care – Minor Emergency

Urgent Care - Minor Emergency


Here are a few of the wide ranging conditions we commonly see and manage:



Sore throats-Strep


Sinus Infections

Fevers – down to 4 months of age


Headaches and Migraines

Allergies and Rashes

Skin Infections and abscesses

Urinary Tract Infections

Simple gynecologic problems

Gastrointestinal infections with Nausea and Vomiting

Evaluation of Acute Abdominal Pain


Lacerations and cuts of all sizes

Sprains and strains


Foreign body removal

Eye Injuries


Rapid-Med does have an onsite digital x-ray and should a CT or MRI be necessary we often can obtain one the same or next day, sometimes within hours on weekdays.  We have an onsite lab that includes most all routine bedside testing including strep, Influenza, urinalysis, chemistries and simple blood counts.  For extensive testing we routinely send out blood work. We also carry onsite injectable medications for infection, pain and inflammation. A slit lamp machine is available for eye injuries. Intravenous Hydration and even conscious sedation for painful procedures are performed as necessary when the staff and providers are available to perform them.

Oftentimes a referral will be required with certain conditions or symptoms. At Rapid-Med we are particular with the medical specialist we refer to, we refer only to those physicians that are open with communication and will treat our patients with the same level of attention to detail and compassion that we strive for

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