We strive to carry all the school vaccines needed past early childhood for school and several others.  Here are some of the vaccines we carry:

TdaP – Tetanus with Pertussis and Diptheria. Pertussis or “whooping cough” has unfortunately made a comeback, staying current with this vaccines is important, at least every 10 years

DT – Generally we give the TdaP when a Tetanus vaccination is required to ensure immunity against Pertussis or Whooping cough, but some employers per Tetanus only in work related injuries.

HPV – three doses 2 months apart

Meningitis – given once in high school

Hepatitis A – Given twice 6 months apart

Hepatitis B – given three times over 6 months

Influenza – Annually!

Varicella – Given twice in childhood, around 1 years for the first vaccination, then between the ages of 4-6 for the second. If the young adolescent does not have either proof of immunity or proof of two separate vaccines, Varicella is often required before school.

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