Urgent Care Lawn Mowing Injuries

When Mowing Goes Wrong

Lawn mowers are a magnet for accidents. When mowing goes wrong, bad things happen. While most things your lawn mower can do to your body will land you in an emergency room, there are a few urgent care problems that can arise, as well. This is what happens when mowing goes wrong.

When Mowing Goes Wrong

Almost every day someone’s routine chores go horribly awry. Whether it’s tripping over the cord to the vacuum or falling off a ladder, accidents are known to happen. However, no home care appliance is quite so scary as the lawn mower. Created to cut things at an unbelievable rate, lawn mowers can do serious damage to the human body. While most people who meet an unfortunate fate mowing the lawn end up in the emergency room, there are times that they see the inside of an urgent care center, as well.

From infections to heat rashes, the range of possible problems is tough to lock down. It’s simple math: the human body plus heavy duty machinery equals a bad time. There are things that you can do to prevent these injuries, although most are “have common sense.” Before getting into the nitty-gritty of lawn mower injuries, it seems important to discuss just how many of these injuries could be prevented by simply stopping to think. Often a person will put themselves in a bad situation because “I’ve done it before,” or “I didn’t really think about it.” Please remember that, no matter how much time you’ve spent with a lawn mower or other machine, the dangers are always present. When a safety precaution is spoken like gospel, it’s because it deserves it. Please keep your safety in mind even when doing tasks that seem mundane.

The Number One Injury That Happens When Mowing Goes Wrong

Of course, the most common lawn mower injury is simply deep cuts. More than 86,000 lawn mower accidents were reported in 2016, most of which were cuts on the arm. Cuts from a lawn mower tend to go deep into the skin, in some cases cutting through bone, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These types of cuts are always an emergency, as they pose several health risks. The most obvious of these is blood loss. The human body only contains so much blood, meaning it can only stand to lose so much of it. If blood loss happens too quickly, death is a concern. As a result, it is always best to call for help if you can’t stop the bleeding of yours or someone else’s injury.

Cuts that sever tendons and ligaments or muscle might cause permanent damage. Our body isn’t made to be broken in these ways. Tendons and ligaments that are torn will not heal on their own and must be treated surgically. If a doctor is seen quickly enough, they should be able to repair the broken tendon or ligament. In the case that they cannot, there is a possibility for permanent disability. Cuts to the muscle aren’t quite as troublesome. You likely receive them all the time, in fact. However, a deep enough cut might hinder the development of the muscle. This is especially problematic in children.

The Scariest Injury That Happens When Mowing Goes Wrong

In the case that a cut has gone through the bone or an otherwise significant portion of the body, the best treatment might be amputation. More amputations happen each year than you might think. In fact, more than 600 US children receive an amputation as the result of an incident with a lawn mower each year. The numbers are frankly staggering. For many amputation is a “it could never happen to me” injury, but that simply is not the case.

This is why lawn mower safety is so important. A simple cut isn’t much to worry about. Sure, you don’t want to pay the ER bill, but hey, it can’t be that bad, right? No, it can be very bad. Exercising safety with any machine is the key to keeping your limbs intact. Teaching that safety to our children is just as, if not more important. The fact that almost 2 children a day are amputated because of a lawn mower is frightening.

Of course, amputation isn’t the end. Amputations are sometimes the result of an unchecked infection, but they might also be the cause. While modern medicine has improved greatly, the fact of the matter is this: one life changing injury is often a push down a slippery slope. Don’t let your mistakes have permanent consequences.

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