x-ray clinic near me

Is There An X-Ray Clinic Near Me?  - Yes!

If you or a loved one are in need of an x-ray, visit a Rapid Med clinic near you. Our expert staff will happily assist you with all your medical imaging needs. 

X-Ray Clinic Near Me

Life can change rapidly, and you can have an event or situation that quickly alters your day-to-day activities. Often when you least expect it. This could involve sudden pain from a small accident, or it could emerge seemingly out of nowhere, without you having any knowledge of what is causing your discomfort.

As an example, maybe you are using your hands while thinking about other things that you need to do, and as your mind wanders, the temporary loss of focus causes you to bang your hand on a counter. Or, maybe you inadvertently hit your foot against a chair where you live, or on a desk or table at work while you hurriedly walk by. Maybe you have an intense pain that is internal, but you really can’t pinpoint exactly what is producing your distress. Or, maybe one of you kids suddenly swallowed something that they shouldn’t have or is otherwise in pain after an accident.

In any of these scenarios, you have a decision to make regarding how quickly you should find out why you or someone in your family is in pain. Because it is important to make sure that whatever is causing the discomfort is not a serious problem. In many cases, this can involve an issue that can be resolved through traveling to a facility and having them give you an x-ray.

X-Ray Clinic Near Me

Do you know where you would go if this situation would suddenly happen to you? You will have various options, but probably will be asking yourself – “where is an x-ray clinic near me?”  You will also prefer to find a facility that will not force you to wait hours for your x-ray, and you will always want to select a source that will provide courteous, trustworthy service.

You should also locate a facility that can offer this without the excessive cost of a hospital emergency room. Fortunately, all of this is available to you seven days a week at Rapid Med Urgent Care. We can deliver timely digital x-ray capabilities, an experienced, professional staff, and offer it all at a price that is very affordable.

X-rays are an important service, and many people do not realize that x-ray technology – which is a form of electromagnetic radiation – was actually invented in 1895. But the specifics of this technology have continued to evolve through the years, and it remains a versatile and critical resource in examining our internal structure.

A simple way of thinking about this technology is that an x-ray machine is a camera that allows doctors to look inside of their patients. X-ray beams can travel through our bodies and create images by as the beams are absorbed in varying degrees by different tissues that can be found inside of us. These images of our internal structure can include the bones, lungs, blood vessels, and intestines. This can help your doctor determine whether you might have a fracture, or why you might be experiencing pain or discomfort.

X-ray technology is fast, there is no pain involved, and the results can be extremely helpful for many other health situations beyond finding out whether something is broken. X-rays can also determine whether you or a member of your family have an infection, arthritis, osteoporosis, and digestive tract problems. They can also be particularly helpful if your child has swallowed an item because it can find the exact location of that object inside your son or daughter.        

If you find yourself in a situation where you are about to undergo an x-ray, it might be helpful to remind yourself that having a qualified x-ray technician using today’s most modern and reliable technology presents a far better situation than having a doctor makes an incision in order to see what is going on inside of you. That is an advantage of x-ray technology.

X-rays are just one aspect of the immediate medical attention that Rapid Med Urgent Care supplies for nearly all conditions that are not critical or life-threatening. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff includes board-certified doctors, and everyone at Rapid Med Urgent Care is dedicated to delivering the same services that are provided at the hospital emergency rooms for only a fraction of the cost. These family physicians are committed to providing you with comprehensive primary health care, and an unwavering goal of delivering excellent, timely and comprehensive medical care to every patient. We also offer a friendly family practice environment, with convenient extended hours. No appointments are necessary, and we encourage you to walk-in anytime that you have the need for medical care or treatment.

In addition to on-site x-rays, here is a list of other health challenges and concerns that can we can help you with here at RapidMed Urgent Care:

You can also receive the same Professional Medical Care that you’ve come to expect with your visits, through the convenience of your phone, tablet, or computer. Our on-demand service is growing in popularity, and make seeing a doctor extremely easy, are on-demand services available during regular office hours, and is designed to provide the same professional and immediate medical care that you’ve come to expect when you visit us.

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