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In addition to our normal office visits you can receive the same great care you've come to expect, but at your convenience through a phone, tablet, or computer. It's just like Skype with your doctor.


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Why Urgent Care?


Emergency rooms tend to be expensive while a visit to Rapid Med can be as low as the copay paid at the primary care physician or specialist.


Emergency rooms typically have very long waits while Rapid Med allows you to wait at home and have your problem taken care of, on your time, quickly.


Our Board Certified Doctors and Certified Physician Assistants provide more thorough care by solving your problem while also looking at the big picture so you get back to 100% and stay there longer.

Our Sign In Process

Set up your appointment on your own time, fill out forms on the go, and receive a text when it's time to come in.

Get Better. Faster.

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Whether it’s coming in for your yearly flu shot or your child needs medical attention from home, we’ve got you covered.

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