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Urgent Care Sore Throat

A Detailed Look at Tetanus

You may know that if you happen to step on a rusty nail or get scratched by a dirty or rusted piece of metal, it is wise to go to the closest walk in clinic or urgent care facility to get a tetanus shot. While most people understand that, it is common to not really know anything else about tetanus beyond the recommended treatment for it. This post will help you better understand what exactly ...

Urgent Care Cough

Sore Throat vs Cough vs Fever

Oh no, you or your child is not feeling well and has a sore throat, cough or fever. What are you going to do now? The first thing should be to determine exactly what is ailing you or your loved one. Fortunately, this can often be done at home although do note that sometimes going to a walk in clinic or urgent care center may be the best plan as a medical professional is going to be able to more ...

Urgent Care House Calls

A History of Medical House Calls

Although they are uncommon today, medical house calls were commonplace as recently as the early 1960s. However, within a couple of decades, the percentage of physician interactions occurring during home visits dropped to 1 percent although signs are pointing towards it making a comeback, maybe not to pre-1960s levels but to a point where it is much more common than one out of a 100. They were ...

Urgent Care Walk In

When to Visit an Urgent Care Walk In Clinic for Pediatric Care

An urgent care center is a walk in clinic that offers some of the benefits of both a regular doctor’s office and an emergency room. Urgent care is designed for situations that require immediate medical attention but aren’t life threatening enough to be worth a visit to the emergency room. They are most commonly utilized when access to a family doctor isn’t available for whatever ...

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