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Flu Shots And Why It Is Important To Receive Them

October 10, 2019

As we progress through the weeks and months of 2019, we have reached the heart of autumn once again. This allows us to embrace the many activities that are available now that fall has emerged. However, this also means that we have entered flu season. Understanding Influenza The potential of contending with the flu, which is also referred to as influenza, also serves as a reminder that it ...

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Tips For A Healthy Autumn

October 10, 2019

The arrival of autumn signifies a transition toward the conclusion of each year. We have become very familiar with the changes that this entails - new colors, falling temperatures, and fewer daytime hours. The word autumn evolved from the Latin word “autumnus”, and this season is also referred to informally as "fall." But regardless of whether you prefer to think of this season as autumn ...

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 1, 2019

The month of October has been designated as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). This provides an opportunity to explain the background and ongoing efforts surrounding this annual campaign. NBCAM began in 1985, as a collaboration between the American Cancer Society and the manufacturers of drugs that were designed to combat breast cancer. The primary goals were to advance the ...

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Understanding Asthma And How To Manage The Condition

September 25, 2019

Asthma is a chronic issue that results from inflamed or narrowed airways in the lungs, and the inflammation can cause swelling within these airways. As this process continues, space within the area is reduced, and excess mucus can be generated by the cells within the airways. The muscles near the airways can also tighten, which makes it even more difficult for breathing to occur. Patients ...

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Your Child Is Constipated – What Should You Do?

September 19, 2019

Constipation can be an uncomfortable condition that emerges when bowel movements are not occurring with their usual frequency. When this transpires, stools remain in the colon for a longer period of time than normal, and that results in stools becoming dry. This can make the stools painful and create difficulty in getting them to pass. That can limit the number of bowel movements per week to ...

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Defining Pilates And Learning Its Benefits

September 12, 2019

Have you recently decided to become dedicated toward some type of physical activity but are unsure what specific program might be best for you? Or maybe you have contemplated becoming involved with a different form of exercise than you have attempted previously? Then it is highly possible that Pilates might be an excellent choice for you. Pilates is a low-impact but highly effective series of ...

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September is National Yoga Awareness Month

September 1, 2019

The National Institutes Of Health (NIH) has designated the month of September as National Yoga Awareness Month. According to the NIH, the objective for this observance is to help more people become knowledgeable regarding the ways that yoga can improve physical and mental health, while also reducing the risk of participants to experience several serious health conditions. This should compel ...

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Keeping Your Children Safe On The Playgrounds

August 17, 2019

As the month of August beckons students to return for school and school-related activities, our arrival at this point of the year also provides a reminder to parents that it is important to review the ways in which to play safely with their children before they enter the playgrounds at their schools. It will also be important to become actively involved in reducing the risks that your sons or ...

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Your Child Suffered A Concussion Playing Sports – What Should You Do?

The beginning of another school year has necessitated multiple changes in the daily routines of parents and their children, as families are now evolving from the various activities that were prevalent during the summer months toward becoming familiarized with a new schedule of events and commitments that will occur. For many children and adolescents, this will include participation in sports. ...

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August Is Immunization Awareness Month

August 5, 2019

The month of August has been designated as National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM), which is designed to emphasize the critical need for vaccinations and immunization regardless of your age. In order to fully understand the various benefits that are achieved through the process of receiving vaccinations and immunizations - which includes the prevention of serious diseases that can ...

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