Health Benefits of Being a Father

The Health Benefits of Being a Father

Being a mother can do a lot for a woman’s health. What being a father does to a man is very different. These are the health benefits of being a father. Though less biological than those of a mother, they are still just as important.

The Health Benefits of Being a Father

Unfortunately, many fathers will see the inside of an urgent care center during their career. Sometimes, they’ll be there for the child. The valiant driver in the middle of the night, like a health Paul Revere, bringing their son or daughter in when their cough just won’t go away. Other times, the father will find themselves going for their own needs. With a baby in the house, getting rid of that fever seems much more urgent.

There are many health benefits of being a father, though they can sometimes be difficult to see. We recently discussed the health benefits of being a mother — the reduced period pains, the sudden riddance of anxiety. These are all derived from the mother’s biological connection to the child. Fathers aren’t tasked with the same weight, but they feel the effects of it all the same.

The Role Model Effect

Health Benefits of Being a FatherOne of the most important and prevalent health benefits of being a father, without a doubt, is the effect that being a role model can have on a person. For much of our lives, we feel like the children. Many people of all ages still look to the people above them for information about what to do. How does being an adult work? Does anyone know? No, most people decide. No one knows what an adult is supposed to do, but everyone has agreed to pretend. When a child is added to the mix, though, this changes quickly.

When a person learns that they will soon be a father, it forces a re-evaluation of their life — all of the bad habits they’ve developed over the years begin to show themselves. For some, this creates a feeling of guilt. For many others, though, it creates a motivation. Suddenly, there is a reason to quit smoking, drinking, and binge eating. Soon they will be a father, and that will always come first.  If they wouldn’t want their children to do it, they won’t either. If we all lived closer to the way we taught our kids to, I suspect the world would be a much happier place.

Some of these habits don’t show themselves until later. Not because they are ignored, but because they simply aren’t present. Typically, men are much less likely to seek medical attention than women. Why is difficult to say, but everyone has their theories. When a child comes into someone’s life, though, their health suddenly feels much more important. A new father might not notice it until their child is already learning to speak, but their loved ones might be surprised how quickly they will seek help in the future.


Similar to “the role model effect,” many new fathers find themselves much happier than they were before. Much less stressed. This defies all logic, truthfully. The stress of being a parent should never be underestimated. However, the secret lies in all the other stress that surrounds that.

The stress of having a child is spiritual. It comes from a love deeper than any other kind. An allegiance and loyalty that you can never break. Much other stress – work stress, relationship stress – comes from a place of fear. Fear that a job will be lost or a divorce might be coming. Love will always trump fear, though.

The old stress might still build up. A long work day will always be a long work day. A new father will come home feeling down, but that will all change when they see their child. Many describe the feeling as a washing away of all other stress as if life outside of their family ceases to exist.

Stress is just as bad for your body as it is for your mind, but not all kinds. When the good stress of having a child replaces the bad stress of before, it can quickly add years to your lifespan.

The Joy of Being a Father

Beyond all else – the most important of the health benefits of being a father – the joy a child can bring is what’s important. The boost of self-esteem, optimism, and love that comes with having a child can do wonders for a person. Love is a powerful, powerful thing. There is nothing more healthy than happiness.

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