Winter Biki Body

Keeping Your “Bikini Body” Through the Winter

We all know about hibernation. You probably associate this most with bears. It’s common knowledge that bears pack on fat in the Fall so they can burn it off while they sleep through the winter. What if I told you that bears aren’t the only ones who show this kind of activity?

Winter is associated with weight gain for a few reasons. Many people believe that eating more keeps us warmer, which is false. However, extra calories may be an evolutionary necessity. As mentioned in the article above, winter is subconsciously associated with famine, increasing our desire to eat whatever we can find. Additionally, winter often dampens our emotions, occasionally leading to “cabin fever” or Seasonal Affective Disorder. This can cause us to eat more, and eat more sugar-filled food because it helps boost serotonin levels.

To put it simply, winter is a time for gaining weight. If you worked hard this year to get in shape, or to stay in shape, then you’ll surely want to combat this. In this article, we’ll talk about winter workouts, keeping your mind in the right place, and how to stay healthy.

Exercising in the Winter

The winter makes getting to the gym much more difficult. Whether it’s the snow, the bitter cold, or the emotional effects of the weather, it can be difficult to get off the couch and get exercising. There are no catch-all tips and tricks to fight this, unfortunately. You’ll just have to stay disciplined. The good news is, winter isn’t all bad. Running or walking in the snow can highly increase your calories burned—nearly double it, in fact. Of course, you do need to be careful when running through harsh weather. Take shorter strides, and watch your footing. Try running less intensely, but for a longer period of time.

Indoor activities are great in the winter, as well. Swimming (especially in warm pools) and rock climbing are becoming popular alternative workouts. There are also things you can do in your own living room, right by your heater. Consider picking up yoga or tai chi to stay fit until Spring has sprung.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to stay safe. It can be tempting to work out while you’re sick, especially if you’re a person who insists on fighting the cold, but you should know when enough is enough. Outdoor runners need to watch out not only for the snow but drivers, as well. Make sure to stay on the sidewalks, and wear bright, reflective clothing after dark.

Staying in a fit mindset

As mentioned before, the depressed feelings associated with winter can cause us to eat more. However, they can also keep us away from the gym. If you find yourself suffering from major depression, you should speak to a doctor. You can try to remedy it at home with methods such as light therapy, but it’s truly best that a doctor know about it.

If you find yourself feeling a little bit down, but not having major issues, then you should take some steps to ensure that you’re keeping your mental health intact. Winter weather often promotes staying inside, which takes a huge toll on our social lives. One of the biggest steps you can take to stay in a healthy mindset is to offset this. Make regular lunch plans, join a club, start a game night, or get a gym buddy. However, you choose to do it, keeping social will help to keep the cabin fever away this winter.

Keeping the cold away

Staying warm this winter is easy to do, but a different cold always seems to creep its way in: the common cold and influenza. They’re partners-in-crime, and hard to stave off during the colder months. Impossible to cure and just as hard to prevent, there are a few things you can do to stay healthy this winter. While these tips and tricks can keep the cold at bay, you should make sure you are treating your illness. We can’t always prevent the cold, but we can treat ourselves to tissues and Sudafed.

Flu shots are the most effective way to keep the flu away, and we all know to wash our hands if we want to prevent the cold. Washing our hands is important because hand-to-hand contact is the most common way the cold is spread, so you should also stock up on pens and other utilities you often borrow.

It can be hard to stay fit in the winter, but it isn’t impossible. It will take some more work, but exercising every day will keep your cabin fever away. Keep up with your fitness routine and be aware of the issues winter can bring, and you’ll be ready for your bikini as soon as the beach opens.

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