It’s officially travel season, and although the pandemic has slowed down compared to the last two years, there are still plenty of travel restrictions, one of them being getting a covid test prior to traveling.

Rapid tests have been made regularly available, but they can oftentimes be costly, unexpectedly adding to your travel budget. Luckily for you and your wallet, we’re offering a test that’s on sale, which is accepted by most for travel.

Rapid Med is now offering our ID Now molecular covid tests, which come back in less than an hour. These tests are currently on sale for $100 (regularly $155) from now until July. Not only are they more affordable, but they’re quick and easy, making your daily to-do list much shorter.

Patients do need to be seen by a provider, which is usually covered by insurance, however, the test is cash as insurance won’t cover it.

Zero stress, and results back in an hour! Be sure to call us today to schedule your ID Now molecular covid test.