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Putting The "Rapid" In Rapid Med Urgent Care

We’re known as Rapid Med for a reason — our service is quick. Putting the rapid in Rapid Med Urgent Care takes a lot of work, though. Here are a few things that we do for our clients, which you may want to take advantage of. Our goal is always to provide the most efficient care possible, and these things help us do that.

Putting The “Rapid” In Rapid Med Urgent Care

A lot of work has gone into keeping the “Rapid” in Rapid Med Urgent Care and a lot of work will continue to go into it. We are always working to make sure that you are given care in the shortest amount of time possible. Of course, we never let this affect the quality of the care.  You should always expect to receive only the highest quality care at a Rapid Med facility, and we will always expect to meet that expectation.

If you need to use an urgent care facility, you will not be disappointed at either of our locations. Rapid Med is devoted to your care — and our customers would certainly agree with that statement. We’re happy to say that our customers constantly rate us highly on Yelp, and often comment on the speed of our care. We always appreciate your feedback, as it helps us to improve our care. If you have visited one of our locations recently, please let us know how your time was.

Top Notch Staff

Rapid Med Urgent Care

Of course, one of the most important parts of keeping Rapid Med Urgent Care rapid is our top-notch staff. When doctors and nurses are great at their job, it helps to keep things running smoothly. If everyone is communicating well, then customers will be in and out in the flash of an eye. In fact, Forbes has referred to communication as the most important skill of today.

So at Rapid Med, we make sure that all of our employees can easily communicate with each other, and are extremely good at what they do. We know that the people who we choose to work with are responsible for your health, and treat that with just as much concern as you would. Our team, from doctors to nurses to receptionists, are devoted entirely to your care and good health. They are prepared to handle any problem in as little time as possible.

That said, we understand that they can be held up sometimes. Not all problems can be dealt with in 5 minutes, and others might require intensive care. For example, if a patient comes in with a heart attack, it might put other patients on hold for a while. With respect to that, we’ve started to employ even more tools to keep your care rapid.

Online Sign-In

Doctors love clipboards, right? Right! Mostly, anyway. Doctors like having information readily available. Therefore, they love clipboards. Clipboards are an easy way to keep important papers at the ready for reference when dealing with a patient. However, they don’t like filling out paperwork any more than you do.

Because we know this, we developed the Rapid Med Online Sign-In. It’s a simple process: sign-in on the app, and you can even fill out forms on the website. Then, enter your phone number and we’ll give you a text or call when we’re ready for you. It’s all of the services of Rapid Med Urgent Care with none of the wait. Furthermore, you can even eschew the website. If you’re more of a mobile browser, you can sign in through our app on iOS or Android.

Rapid Med On Demand

So, the Rapid Med Online Sign-In sounds great, right? Well, we decided that we could do one better. How would you like to get medical treatment with no more difficulty than a Skype call? It might sound impossible, but we’ve made it work. You can now get urgent care from the comfort of your own home with Rapid Med On Demand.

Again, it’s a simple process. Sign in through Rapid Med Online Sign-in and complete a quick questionnaire, then you’ll be paired with a provider as soon as possible. Because we’re so devoted to keeping Rapid Med Urgent Care rapid, we’ll guarantee that it won’t take any longer than 15 minutes to get attention. Once you’re paired, you’ll be treated with a one-on-one video call, and can receive any prescriptions through the app. Rapid Med On Demand can help cure at least 17 different illnesses and is the fastest way to get medical attention.

Rapid Med Urgent Care is about care first and foremost, and rapid second. Luckily, we’re pretty good at both.

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