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Child Warmth Urgent Care

Why Keeping Your Child Warm Is Important

December 4, 2017


Do you often find yourself fighting with your kids to put a coat on? As much as this can be a struggle, it’s important to keep fighting. While the reasoning is unclear, children are less likely to recognize when their body temperature is changing. Additionally, their small stature and hopefully great circulation means that they lose body heat very quickly. We know that we must keep our ...

Urgent Care Sleep

Stay Sleeping: Why Keeping Your Sleep Schedule is Important Across Seasons

December 1, 2017


When winter comes, it can take its toll on us in many ways. Many people are quick to blame the snow and cold weather for their troubles. The winter air is bitter at best, and it’s reasonable to not want to go out. We can fight this easily, by occupying ourselves within our own home. However, winter can bring on a host of issues that are harder to diagnose. As the sun starts to go down ...

Winter Biki Body

Keeping Your “Bikini Body” Through the Winter

November 23, 2017


We all know about hibernation. You probably associate this most with bears. It’s common knowledge that bears pack on fat in the Fall so they can burn it off while they sleep through the winter. What if I told you that bears aren’t the only ones who show this kind of activity? Winter is associated with weight gain for a few reasons. Many people believe that eating more keeps us warmer, ...

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